Trommel rotary separator


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The material is loaded into a drum equipped with a mesh, slightly sloping; screening is driven by the cylinder rotation.

Oversize powder is collected at the other end of the cylinder (rejected material outlet); the screened material is collected under the cylinder (powder outlet).

The operating principle of the rotary screen is extremely simple. The product is fed into the machine from the loading mouth and, through an auger, is sent to sieving cylinder, partly consisting of a closed sheet and partly of a mesh or a drilled sheet allowing separation.

Driven by the auger, the product comes into contact with the mesh, which lets through the solid fraction (e.g. pulverised shavings), which shall be discharged from the hopper. Impurities (e.g. shavings), instead, are held back and, proceeding inside the mesh are then conveyed to the secondary discharge mouth.

The machine may be equipped with a brush self-cleaning system, to ensure that the screening surface is always in good working order and clean.

ERIMAKI manufactures and sells the rotary separator in two different models, featuring different dimensions and thus hourly rates, to meet the different customer requirements.

The machine may be made of painted carbon steel or of AISI 304/316 stainless steel.

The latter, upon request, may be supplied with a satin or sand-blasted surface finishing.

Removing the inner components of the rotary screen is extremely simple, for easier cleaning and periodic maintenance.