Pasteurizer OPS-1000

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The OPS-1000 pasteurizer uses a two-section plate heat exchanger with own heat source – rotor spinning heater. Thanks to using the phyhsical friction and cavitation between the moving particles, thus growing the temperature inside the product itself, it eliminates the need of buying steam or gas boiler. Likewise, thanks to using using rotor spinning heater, gentle homogenization occurs which eliminates the need of buying homogenizer. The homogenization using this process is even more gentle than with standard homogenizer which helps to preserve the functional properties of proteins which remain the same as in fresh eggs. The machine allows for continuous pasteurization for 8 hours straight without cleaning. The rotor spinning heater allows for very precise temperature control of up to 0.1 degrees Celsius. All of our pasteurizers are equipped with full automatization and full automatic C.I.P. system. Can work in line with the RZ-6 egg breaker and the MT-6 tunnel washer.